Project Endgame

This is the beginning, The start of a new project that will resemble an apocalyptic motorcycle that could be ridden by a Walking Dead character or Captain America during the Blip. As brands join the project, we'll have a new section on this site to feature their products.

BMW motorcycles

of Riverside

These guys are the reason we are at this point. They go above and beyond to keep our mind working on future projects and keep feeding our needs for new riding styles. Below a few images of the stock bike the way we got it from them.

QuadLock Case

QuadLock Case is one of our constants and first steps when we get a new motorcycle. For this motorcycle, from factory it comes with a handlebar clamp that cover the middle of the bars. That is where my OCD comes in. Although the handlebar mount from QuadLock comes with an arm to install the mount off set, I have to recognize my own craziness and I can't handle to not have it completely centered, so I had to purchase the rizoma clamps that clears the center of the handlebars. #worthit

Get your own at

Burkbasters VPS

Riding in Los Angeles you learn the importance of not hitting your break lever with someone's mirror. It could be the first time do an stunt you were not planning. That is why, having aluminium soul'ed handguards is pretty much mandatory. Barbusters came to the resque as soon as I talked to them about this project.

Thanks guys, get yours at